Upcoming Talks in the Netherlands and Denmark

2012 “On Moral Moods” Invited Talk for the Department of Anthropology, Anthropology Seminar Series, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, 3:30-5 pm, October 5, Kloverniersburgwal 48, Oost Indisch Huis Room B019.

2012 “Mood, Morality, and Experience” Invited Talk for the Department of Philosophy, Aarhus University, Denmark. Moral Experiences Seminar. Tuesday, October 9, Building 2113, Room 344 (Trojborg).

2012 “Empathy and Attentional Pull: A Phenomenological Anthropology of Human Encounters (with Alessandro Duranti). Invited Talk for Empathy in Context Conference, the Center for Subjectivity Research, Philosophy Section, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Thursday October 11th, Njalsgade 128, 2300 Copenhagen S.

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